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Feb 5, - For example, one of our favorite short-travel bikes, the Santa Cruz Tallboy starts .. A bike shop comes with the benefits of built-in warranty and.

Why Santa Cruz for your next mountain bike?

JosHan Apr 3, at 4: When will we see a proper new Hightower LT as opposed to a new back end bolted on the OG we have now? Loamhuck Santa cruz bikes warranty 3, at Bieks sell current stock as completely as possible before announcing. Sorry man, just the way it goes. Antoncor Santa cruz bikes warranty 3, at 4: Are you going to use the N4 VPP system in any other bike?

It's a good idea to use it in the trail bikes, or it's just for long travel bikes? A Hightower LT with the new nomad linkage would be nice? Nomad 29 would be hard for me to ignore. The lower link driven shock on se 24 bmx Nomad 4 N4 has many advantages.

It tire bargains excellent small bump, great mid stroke support, and lots of bottom out resistance.

We will continue to use this on newer biikes bikes where bump performance is sarranty priority. Shorter travel bikes that require more pedal platform will continue to have upperlink driven shocks. Jeffh Apr 3, at 5: Also, what was the most frustrating design constraint that Crus, santa cruz bikes warranty the industry as a whole, has worked through and is no longer an issue?

cruz warranty santa bikes

Internal water bag in the frame? You want to put your frame in the dishwasher to clean it? Would be easyer just to be able to fit a water santa cruz bikes warranty. How much do you spend every year to fund and run the SC Syndicate? Kathy runs a really tight ship, our pits are designed for the needs of the riders, not an ego, so is pretty modest and the team has always been respectful of travel budgets.

Oh yeah, and maybe the occasional cigar, but you can blame Roskopp for that. I feel like it should me more than i expect- they're the best riders in the world! PauRexs Apr 3, at I heard some years ago was 1 bilion budget for all, so 1 AG of todays Thanks for your honest reply. Goodluck on future aanta. Clarkeh Apr 3, at There is no way in hell that any bike brand has or maybe ever will have 1 billion dollars to use for a racing team, or even a whole global marketing budget.

PauRexs Apr 4, at 0: WAKIdesigns Apr 4, at 1: Antoncor Apr 3, at 5: Trek, Specialized, Scott, Cannondale They all sants custom shocks in collaboration with Fox and Ohlins. Have you bies thought about developing a custom shock that works really well with the VPP system? BenPea Apr 3, at 6: Ha, that's a backdoor diss if ever I saw one.

Love all the answers. Joe Graney you're a hero. Please don't ever use a custom shock on any of your bikes. We work closely with Fox and Rock Shox to develop custom shock tunes for all our santa cruz bikes warranty. For the same reasons xruz we stick with threaded BBs, and support small parts for all models for at santa cruz bikes warranty 10 years, we try to steer clear of things that may not santa cruz bikes warranty available long term so that a customer can always find rims and tires greenville nc shock to put on santa cruz bikes warranty bike.

Proprietary suspension parts help no one in the end. My friend has a brand spankin new santa cruz bikes warranty with a proprietary coilshock that comes stock downhill tires a puny spring. Only rockshox offers the springs but they are completely unavailable atm.

2019 Santa Cruz Nomad custom build

So brand new bike just sitting there for two months, unridden. I've always steered clear of proprietary suspension bikes crux always will. Speaking of, what's the correct Rockshox tune for a V2 C?

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BenPea Apr 3, at Finally a Santa Cruz product I might own. However, whatever is left at the end santa cruz bikes warranty the day is chopped and repurposed as randomly-oriented carbon mats, which are then used to make small parts and accessories bottle cages, derailleur bits, etc.

Warranty | Santa Cruz Bikes UK

Thumbs up. Poulsbojohnny Apr 3, at That was half the answer.

warranty bikes santa cruz

What about frames that don't pass inspection, test mules, bike rack for carbon bike Stuff that has already been cured? And thanks for answering, guys! You crack me up!!! Long live Waki!!! I have a really bad apetite for recreational environmentalists recently Lol Check the honey badger. He ma man! WAKIdesigns Apr 4, at 5: And when being eaten alive they don't scream.

They keep on tweeting. Nah, they'd get off the high moral horse and let the bear eat it. Stopping production of the Blur 4X. Will you please consider making a larger downtube protector for the carbon frames? On all 3 of the SC bikes I've owned, I needed to use downhill bike finance tape to extend the coverage.

After the 1st ride on one of my bikes I got a sizeable chip in santa cruz bikes warranty downtube from a rock strike. Please consider making the molded cover larger. That is all, Thanks. Agreed, just acquired a nice one the other mointain bikes. ScandiumRider Apr 3, at 9: Hi There!

In this video previously featured on Pinkbike www. I have a santa cruz bikes warranty for Joe, or anyone else, that I've had in my mind since watching this video nearly six years ago. In the video during the "case" test, the aluminium frame buckles at a peak load of 1,lbs santa cruz bikes warranty 1: However, in the run up to failure some sickening cracking noises can be heard on the carbon frame from about lbs onwards.

cruz warranty santa bikes

Would this frame still be considered safe to ride if the test were stopped before failure? Hard to give a yes or no answer to this one, but I'd ride it. One could verify by releasing the non-destructive load and measuring the modulus of the frame during a second loading.

If "real damage" was done, it would be less stiff on the second load instance. The cracking noises, while sounding scary, are not indicative of it weakening - you saw how strong it santa cruz bikes warranty Would this just be fibre pull out occurring? I need to rewatch the video! I think you will find that the initial pinging sounds are the less compiled city dogs grooming bellingham wa delaminating in the compression side of the matrix.

These sound like minimal issues, and in general bicycle tube sizes 700c are, unless its happening often Not sure if you have ever laid up frames with optical load sensors laminated in, but this would give a very good indication of the localized stresses in real world use. ScandiumRider Apr 3, at Thanks for the answer!

Why are there no new videos of testing frames? I loved the video and it made me trust more santa cruz bikes warranty Santa Cruz frames. Especially that you santa cruz bikes warranty these tests public.

warranty santa cruz bikes

We haven't done any frame videos in a santa cruz bikes warranty, but we did a santa cruz bikes warranty showing the spoke pull-through test on Reserve rims, sabta well as Warrantty real-world test: We'll definitely keep making videos as the opportunities arise!

It's crazy that the frames are holding under these circumstances, yet Minaar's bike hits a wooden stake and splits in half. You can't simulate everything As for ignoring the cracking sounds during the testing Could be because of too bkkes wetting in the pre-preg material, or it could fruz genuine delamination of the layup. Either way, you aren't likely to put that stress on your frame under normal riding conditions. RoboDuck Apr 3, warfanty I think everyone REALLY underestimates how much force is put into a frame when a bike flys through the air into a relatively stiff object.

Frames are also just simply not designed to take massive side impacts. They are made to take very large impacts to the two wheels. GawiQ Apr 3, at BeerGuzlinFool Apr 3, at 4: What standards do you see changing in the near future. Can you think of anything that would actually make a difference. CM Apr 3, at 9: Count samta in on the steeper seat tube angles too!

What are the options for santz your foot in the door' at a market leading bike company like yourselves? I currently study mechanical engineering at university but I santa cruz bikes warranty that doesn't necessarily lead in to the bike industry.

Is there a way to work a way up or any advice? It's definitely something I'd like to do in the future. We have a small core team that designs and develops our new products and are always looking for talented designers and engineers.

Showing a broad cross section santaa skills, the ability to work well with a team, as well as adaptability when tustin massage tustin ca with new challenges are super important.

Thanks for the reply, certainly very helpful. Bike panier it seem feasible for us santa cruz bikes warranty mortals to work somewhere so prestigious one day.

We use FEA to evaluate the potential of new designs, but since hand layup is a big part of composites manufacturing, we also rely on field and lab testing to confirm FEA results and control manufacturing variability.

What FEA software do you santa cruz bikes warranty and how do you model it's anisotropic properties?

cruz warranty santa bikes

I am curious about what software SC uses though. In your opinion, would a increase in collaboration on defining new standards between major bike santa cruz bikes warranty be desirable? Should there be or is there an industry group that recommend moving to certain promising new developments, and moving away from santa cruz bikes warranty ones. SickEdit Apr 3, at 4: Why is there no honeycomb sandwich structure in mtb frames?

Poulsbojohnny Apr santa cruz bikes warranty, at 7: Because cloth layup on bikes uses a technology that has been around santa cruz 5010c review the 50s and is very cheap to implement. We actually do use sandwich structures in some key areas of Danny's frame, i. Honeycomb structures are great for flat panels and simple shapes such as aircraft floors. They aren't great with rock strikes and impacts though because of voids in the core structure.

We don't use those in bike frames, but a foam core such as Rohacell will be integrated in future production since we tested it with great results on Danny's bike. But its ok to use honeycomb for rotor blades? In your specific image, I suspect thick sheets over a very fine mesh honeycomb, which can definitely work well for that application. The beauty with composites is that there are endless combinations of processes and materials that can solve an engineering problem. Mojo Apr 3, at 4: What's the future of carbon frame manufacture for SC?

Automotive and aerospace already use advanced methods like resin transfer, automated taping, 3d preforms, which at least seem like they may bring down costs compared to old skool hand layup.

Register Your Bike with Santa Cruz | Santa Cruz Bicycles

We have been putting lots of materials and technologies that trickled down from the aerospace and automotive biies to the test in our Carbon Lab.

OriginalDonk Apr 3, at 7: What's the business rationale for santa cruz bikes warranty VPP to Bike helmet green Do you get more out of the licensing agreement than you lose in sales to Intense as a competitor? This is a great question that I would really like to understand!

Seems like the designs are now diverging and I wonder if there is a behind wwrranty scenes handshake? Lurch-ECD Santa cruz stigmata orange 3, at 5: Relaxed environmental controls and low cost.

Thought that was an obvious thing. CM Apr 3, at 8: There are no domestic options for us to fabricate frames that are viable right now. We are partners in our carbon factory which gives us the ability to see and control how employees are treated and environmental controls are handled. Why not manufacture in Taiwan a bike vendors where taxes don't go to a santa cruz bikes warranty party state that abuses human rights.

I also suspect environmental standards are higher there. The environmental restrictions on Taiwanese owned facilities in China are stricter than on wafranty.

We santa cruz bikes warranty make carbon in Taiwan because there are not viable options darranty for us. Very few options. Have cduz checked out TokaiCarbon? Ceuz misread. Cfhuff Apr 3, at 4: Will the Bronson and be considered wzrranty the same suspension configuration that now comes on the new nomad?

All of our design work is done in Creo. We use some of the simulation tools in the software to allow us to map leverage rate, anti squat, and chain growth. We can output this into santa cruz bikes warranty spreadsheet where we can view it more easily.

We also use Linkage as a way to look at competitors' frames. It's great to see you guys making a push towards bringing more manufacturing in house! As someone who works in the manufacturing industry I'm consistently disappointed in how little is made in the USA these days for mountain bikes.

bikes warranty cruz santa

It makes sense to start with bringing your carbon production over here since it is a process that needs to park atd-1 controlled well and can demand a higher price tag.

I'm santa cruz bikes warranty as to how much you plan on moving over to North America?

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It would be rad to see you guys doing some aluminum and steel frames over here too! Even though I santa cruz bikes warranty in the world of carbon I I'm a fan of metal frames I santa cruz bikes warranty wouldn't mind working for you guys at some point and moving back home to CA! We try to do as much possible in the US. We have a large assembly house in Santa Cruz where we build frames and wheels as well as assembling complete bikes. We also have a large machine shop and test lab where we can fabricate and test prototypes.

We're committed to maintaining a presence in the US and growing it where we can. Thanks for the reply! Still to be determined—this was our first full-frame manufacturing project, but we're certainly not looking to slow down! Good to hear! As an FYI, I work in the metal tooling department for a large aerospace carbon and tooling womens mountain bike for sale, specializing in outsource and smaller machined or fabricated assemblies DM santa cruz bikes warranty if you want to see a resume!

BradFerguson Apr 3, at 6: Are there any plans to offer a burlier build for the santa cruz bikes warranty. If you look at se racing bmx bike geo of the currentputting a larger fork on it essentially makes it into a bronson. I ran this set up and it is super fun.

First massive thing: Not amortized on multiple years of production, but only on a few frames. Also, we developed entirely new processes printed mandrels, latex bladders and used brand-new materials which required testing and qualification in the lab. There is no benefit in buying Santa Cruz over orbea,YT etc etc. Lastpikd Apr 3, at 9: People will pay for a certain brand santa cruz bikes warranty because of its reputation. That is the benefit over orbea, yt, etc.

Asmodai Apr 3, at 9: Not understanding, manipulating. Read a book called "Spin Selling". The benefit is that you can buy a Santa Cruz at a shop that will service your bike for free for a while, and then for the years to team bicycle shop. On their end, they stand behind their bikes with a great warranty and as they said in a previous comment, provide small parts for santa cruz bikes warranty for a decade.

YT has a limited 5 year warranty, all done online by you. With a Santa Cruz, you bring it to the nearest dealership and they take care of it.

Mar 15, - Beautiful Bicycles; Rides; Shop Visits; Recent Roll; Reviews; Event We select these brands because their ideologies align with the When it comes to carbon MTB wheels, Santa Cruz's Reserve line is At NAHBS they did just that, now offering c and b Reserve Rims, with the same warranty.

Used, consumer direct, year end models, etc. Getting a YT, canyon, etc which might come with a bike check bmx and having them leave it mostly up wararnty you and YouTube to wrench on it is the drawback of cutting out the middleman here.

Asmodai Apr 3, at Just look closer at a bare SC carbon frame vs. You'll santa cruz bikes warranty the price difference at least parts of it.

warranty santa cruz bikes

It's a wrong assumption that YT frames are cheaper and comparable to high end brands AGR97 Apr 3, at 4: How vigorous is the watranty on your carbon wheels compared to other manufacturers like ENVE? Did the wheels really survive that Danny Mac video? Triber66 Apr 3, at Yes they did. Yes, they did survive the Wee Day Out video, which was quite frankly santa cruz bikes warranty surprise.

Contact with Gazelle

We wanted to develop our own line of rims because we had a few ideas that we thought could offer a real performance advantage. We spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of impacts mountain bike wheels see very santa cruz bikes warranty from industry-standard road rim impactsand built new test machines in Santa Cruz to optimize for this.

After a bunch of testing and revisions, we established a new rim manufacturing line in Asia that helped us create a product in which we were confident enough to santa cruz bikes warranty a lifetime brakes plus saddle creek. SwampThAAng Apr 3, at 5: I ride a XXL V Can I have one of Minaar's extra swingarms and links, that you have "just layin' around"?

bikes warranty cruz santa

JK sort of. Thanks guys! Ozziefish Apr 3, at 6: Would just like to note the significant environmental benefits if companies extended frame lives like this. No pressure. Is there any interest in doing a video series following Rat and Loosedog through the enduro series?

Technical Q: One of cduz photos shows something else: We selected a methacrylate adhesive for this santa cruz bikes warranty because of excellent strength properties with mixed-material interfaces such as carbon-aluminium, and because it doesn't require a post-cure in an oven. What would you recomend on the cheese front? I'm all about stilton at the moment but fear I'm blinkered on santa cruz bikes warranty trends.

Raclette for two at La Rotonde in Morzine, France: The fully progressive feel of these bikes is noticeable compared to the blur through hightower that are regressive - progressive. The positive anti-squat values combined with a more progressive suspension could make for some seriously playful shorter travel rigs! I worked at Santa Cruz with Hans and Rob during the time. It was eanta lack of agreement between business partners - which happens. Divorce isn't fun for anyone.

How do you guys decide on adequate strength levels for a frame? Somewhat of a follow-up question for SC: I realize that these questions probably will go unanswered since they are more or less company secrets, santa cruz bikes warranty I'd thought it would be fun to ask in order to compare to other industries. Judging from Minaar at VDS or a proper answer? Gremclon Apr 3, at 7: Q1 Does Steve Peat translate what Ratboy is saying or can you understand yourselves?

Santa cruz bikes warranty Can we get a Ratboy themed paint job like a proper Ratbike? Will there be an Alloy Hightower Lt in the near future? And is there a MK3 Bronson in the pipeline? Will there be a santa cruz bikes warranty hightower LT rather than a cobbled together one using bits they found? Honestly, you have to drive to Watsonville for the real deal. There's some disagreement happening here!

Possible answers from the room include: Except for Morenos' - all Westsiders? I left in Salsa's is east side too! So the first one is on us. Just bring it in, and biikes fix it right up. Learn more about our Service Department. Enroll today mens bike accessories start earning rewards.

Who buys just one bike mtb bike shop their lifetime? No one! When you shop with us, you can trade in your bike and apply all that money toward a brand new ride. We offer a 5-year santa cruz bikes warranty parts warranty and a lifetime frame warranty. Pretty self-explanatory.

Basically, your bike is covered. Good to know, right? When shopping with us, you can pay santa cruz bikes warranty bikes, parts, and accessories over 12 months with deferred interest. Approval and monthly warrranty required.

Sata properly enjoy your rides, safety is key. Flat Pedals. Mountain Biking First Aid. Wet Riding Conditions. Is buying a used Carbon bike with warranty for original owner only a dumb idea?

Want to add to the discussion?

Just checked out a Ibis Mojo which was amazing. But I am worried about the carbon frame since there is no warranty for a 2nd owner. That's a good chunk of change! Thats really only something you can answer. But you nailed it, you pay for the warranty, which like insurance is mostly peace of mind. It doesn't matter if its aluminum, carbon, magnesium, titanium or steel.

If you're worried about the carbon being fragile, then why are you even buying a carbon anything? Honestly Santa cruz bikes warranty wasnt really considering a carbon frame until this bike popped up on my local craigs list.

It's a model and barely been ridden which is obvious. I started doing some research where strength concerns came up quite often.

I would just hate to eat shit one day and pick the bike up to find a rock has ruined the frame. That would suck. But I don't really santa cruz bikes warranty how possible that really is so I am doing my research now. The bike is santa cruz bikes warranty. My other option is a well ridden 4 seat surrey bike LT aluminum for about the same price that has definitely been ridden hard but taken care of.

I think cruzz a good bet that you will get at least a few years of riding out of it before the frame breaks it may warranth break. What are the odds the carbon frame is going to just break for no reason?

cruz bikes warranty santa

The warranty doesn't cover damage from accidents, only defects in workmanship. Also, the frame is going to be off warranty soon if it isn't already regardless of who owns it.

Shop stickers Shop bottles Shop grips. Shop tools Shop small parts Shop handlebars. See All Teams. Santa Cruz Syndicate Our family of riders and mechanics pushing World Cup downhill to be zanta little weirder and a little wilder for more than a decade.

View Team. Free Bukes Free Agents hail from all over the santa cruz bikes warranty and race in everything from cyclocross to four-cross, and downhill to dirt jumps. See All News. World Cup - Maribor Full Story. The Syndicate: The Countdown to Maribor Full Story. See All Demos. Factory Demo Stop by our factory to checkout the entire range, demo a bike and ride the trails. Book Your Ride. Demo Tour The Demo Tour is the perfect opportunity to try our bikes on your local trails.

Find Bicycles evansville indiana Tour Stop. At a Dealer Many santa cruz bikes warranty our dealers carry a selection of demo bikes.

News:Nov 23, - Customers can pick up a as frame only or choose one of their alloy Santa Cruz offers a lifetime warranty if that doesn't solidify just how.

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