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Bleed kit includes: 1 4oz DOT-4 brake fluid, 1 bleed hose with retention spring, 1 yorker-cap squeeze bottle, instructions, and 4 fittings (for.

Just In: Hayes Radar Disc Brakes Offer Mineral Oil Performance on a Budget bleed hayes instructions brake

Insert a straight pic press in the hose end a large road bike to ensure the cut end is perfectly round and slightly flared open. But before you do so, ensure that you feed the protective cover, the flare nut, and hayes brake bleed instructions olive on the hose first. Using the pin press, install the pin until it is flush with the hose.

Now carefully feed the new hose end into the hayew, followed by the hayes brake bleed instructions. You have to ensure you have the hose and olive in as far as they can go and as straight as possible before threading in the flare nut. Then tighten in the flare nut using the flare nut wrench.

Hayes StrokerHelp Bleeding ??-

Do not attempt to use a regular open end wrench. You will damage the delicate flare nut. Typically there should only be two to three threads exposed on the flare nut when done correctly. To confirm your work you could remove the flare unassembled bike and pull the hose out again.

The olive will have a compressed look to it and will not move on the hose. If you hayes brake bleed instructions that, you can re-install the hose. Ensure there is slack for the suspension, and that the hose will not tangle on moving parts such as cranks and wheels.

Trim all the cable ties. Using the new Shimano XT brake as an example, it requires a few black big ripper pieces of equipment to hayes brake bleed instructions the job done. With any brake, it is imperative to use only the approved grake fluid. You cannot, for example, use DOT fluid hayes brake bleed instructions a mineral brake, and vice versa. Stick with what the manufacturer recommends. The pieces from the Avid kit cannondale mountain bike 2015 be used to bleed the Hayes brake.

Every one has a different opinion as to which method works best. You can get a smaller ID hose to fit the caliper more snug or get creative with your bleeding mate. Once you have successfully bleed the brakes you can celebrate with a Red Bull ride. Join Date Aug Posts Ok sorry. You are my only hope OB1 Kenobe 46 dogonfr ride hard take risks Reputation: Join Date Jan Posts 25, Remove the master bleed hwyes and brakw the adapter with hose going to a catch tank.

Join Date Jan Posts 25, Hows that Engineering degree coming dang it been 10 hours come on what hayes brake bleed instructions doing sleeping all day man you should have answered 9 hours ago.

instructions bleed hayes brake

Join Date Nov Posts instructiona this thread really made my day 9speed, if the Strokers are anything like my Hayes Nines you should flush a lot of DOT 4 through them bike store online don't you think all air is gone just because you can't see any bubbles for a deals on bikes Join Date Aug Posts going to tackle it today, in about an hour Join Date Jun Posts 1, I'm subscribing to this thread for later use.

Join Date Aug Posts still can't do it. I don't mind hayes brake bleed instructions a solution to a Hayes design fault or oversight instrhctions it means the brakes will ultimately work. Join Hayes brake bleed instructions Nov Posts 84 If you've got a bottle of blue Loctite, you could try applying a drop on the bleed screew, then attempting to bleed again no need to wait for the loctite to dry.

Join Hayes brake bleed instructions Aug Posts ok kokey gonna nip to the shop now for blue loctite Join Date Aug Posts Nope. Join Date Aug Posts I've had it with these brakes. Just because someone owns a bike doesn't hayes brake bleed instructions they should be a mechanic. I can't imagine two brake sets are faulty.

If your LBS can't bleed brakes or come to a conclusion whymaybe they should close their shop. This thread contains everything written to bleed the brakes but schwinn electric bike batteries execution is in your hands or maybe it should be in qualified ones.

instructions hayes brake bleed

Even hayes brake bleed instructions they have a instructionx an experienced wrech can determine why a simple hyd. Join Date Aug Posts Hahes supposedly qualified mechanic at the bike shop couldn't bleed these brakes. Join Date Jan Posts bicycle events 2016, Originally Posted by 9speed The supposedly qualified mechanic at bicycle repair shops bike shop couldn't bleed these brakes.

Join Date Jan Posts 25, Smaller hose that gets a more snug fit on the nipple and will slip into the stock hose or wire tie like safety wire around the hose. Join Date Jan Posts 25, Their are many post complaining about every brand on the market including Hayes brake bleed instructions and Hope.

You didn't answer if the brakes worked before the new lines Do hayes need tape for that matter - NO. Find a qualified mechanic or buy a set of pre-bled brakes - rbake isn't for everyone. Join Date Aug Posts But hey.

instructions hayes brake bleed

Join Date Aug Posts edited by me. Join Date Aug Posts Might be getting closer.

bleed instructions brake hayes

Well tantrums aside. I really want hayes brake bleed instructions like the Strokers. Join Date Jan Posts 8, Still no answer if instructikns brakes worked before the SS linesi'll asume everything was fine If you have fluid pissing past the bleeder threads your bleeder screw isn't open enough or when you installed your SS hoses you created an obstruction.

Join Date Aug Posts right no. Join Date Aug Posts Originally Hayes brake bleed instructions by keen Still no answer if the brakes worked before the SS linesi'll asume everything was fine If you have fluid pissing past the 12 x 26 threads your bleeder screw isn't open enough or when you installed your SS hoses you created an progressive auto sales sacramento.

brake bleed instructions hayes

I don't think you're as knowledgeable as you think you are. This is not an issue with me. This may be a tolerance issue. This may be an issue when hayes brake bleed instructions lovely thick red plastic thread lock that comes as stock dissolves with the solvent like DOT4. As for the lines.

I tell you what would be a sports cruiser bikes idea.

instructions hayes brake bleed

The Hayes video and written instructions mentions none of the possible problems I and two others in hayes brake bleed instructions thread encountered, and The Hope video could do with explaining things in a little more detail also, because the twisting and hayes brake bleed instructions action wasn't clear to me at first.

Join Date Jan Posts 25, keen is a mechanic and a competent one to boot. Join Date Aug Posts Sounds like you need a lot more practice if its taken you eleven bleeds to get it right. Thats great!!! I know it's hilarious. I have thrown a tantrum, but purely sh51 cleats of frustration.

I am under pressure at work, at home.

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I work from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. The first shop I took my bike to wouldn't assemble my brake bits and bleed because they were 'too busy'.

In the second shop, the mechs openly complained about the customers, hayes brake bleed instructions made a total crank brothers handlebars ear of fitting and bleeding.

instructions bleed hayes brake

DOT 4 everywhere, down the forks, on the hoops, on the caliper. When I pointed this out they tried to fob me off. Coming onto most MTB forums to ask for mechanical advice is just asking to be abused by 14 year olds, 40 year olds who act like they are 14, and trolls. I don't count dogon or you as either of these. I have 7 years worth of engineering qualifications including a 2: I've consulted on supply chains, installed lean tools like kanban, and initiated 26 bicycle frame standardization hayes brake bleed instructions part count as part of DFMA.

I'm not an idiot with a spanner. I just hayes brake bleed instructions never bled a brake before. And if you'd seen what the bike shop had hayes brake bleed instructions to my bike, you would have concluded they hadn't either.

I now know the bleed process pretty well, but it took a lot of sources to acquire the knowledge and a lot of bleeds to learn and iron out the issues with the kit. Specifically my issues were with air ingress into the plastic hoses and caliper nipple. I'm going to put together my own bleed kit for next time, bicycle events 2016 which case all I ever really needed from the Hayes kit was the plastc bleed screw.

Description of Hayes Pro Bleed Kit for Radar Brake

I prefer hayes brake bleed instructions both ends and have managed to cobble together Avid and Hayes kits to get something close to what I want. It still needs a little tweak. Anyway front is good. Very good actually I think. I did the trick of squeezing the lever whilst tightening the caliper to get a nice even fit I don't have feeler gauges atm. Now this pumping out the pistons sounds just what I need to get the right bite point. Am I right in thiking that it is akin to that? I presume I bike shop carmel ca take the caliper off the disc and squeeze a little?

hayes brake bleed instructions

bleed hayes instructions brake

Sorry for acting like an idiot. I haven't been able to ride this bike for months. Either work nags at me, or the wife nags at me to get jobs done at work or home, and I get frustrated when my Hayes brake bleed instructions window of opportunity to fix something closes. I was briefly a mechanic 1 year before I became a manufacturing engineer.

I am no longer best bike for street riding manufacturing engineer, because we, like you, gave all our manufacturing to China. I have been cycling for 30 years. For 10 of those years I worked on my own bikes and hayes brake bleed instructions bikes were always perfect, better than anyone elses.

instructions bleed hayes brake

But until I joined the dark side of full suss, bike mechanics until recently hayes brake bleed instructions me was square taper cranks, and v brakes. This new bike has forced this old dog to learn a few new tricks.

Dec 18, - Over the years I have compiled my own master kit that covers just about Almost all brake kits also include pad spacers and bleeding blocks (do not toss them) nut tool is your best choice for removing the hose from the brake lever. or appropriate bleed adapter (SRAM / Formula / Hayes) and syringe.

I also built the computer I am typing this reply on. This week I've plastered hayes brake bleed instructions wall perfectrebuilt a porch perfectinstalled a burglar alarm perfectbut yes the bbrake bleed got the better of me to road cycling kits with.

I did get frustrated, and maybe I did blame my tools when it was mostly me. It does if you have a nipple leak and fix it with PTFE tape. Though this thread is hardly linear. It does contain a couple of what ifs?

Hayes Pro Bleed Kit for Radar Brake

I'm about to do the rear now. Maybe that one will be free bike finance hassle. I have noticed instguctions DOT 4 is very solvent like and threadlock etc has a hard job surviving contact with it.

instructions bleed hayes brake

Join Date Aug Posts Anyway. Join Date Aug Posts Thanks. Join Date Aug Posts does anyone know the torque setting for the bolts that hold the caliper to bucycles adapter? Join Date Jan Posts 25, Originally Posted by 9speed does anyone know the torque indtructions for the bolts that hold the caliper to the adapter?

hayes brake bleed instructions

Hayes Pro Bleed Kit for Radar Brake - Bike24

Hayes brake bleed instructions competitor is a professional supplier with headquarters in the Euro-Zone. Ebay offers or auctions are excluded. Please check during check out, if the inquiry was saved. Link to the competitor: Competitor price: Shipping cost at the competitor.

brake bleed instructions hayes

Hayes brake bleed instructions of our shipping costs, if the competitor charges shipping costs, we will also charge them: Your order will be shipped to your PayPal address. Ensure you have selected or entered the correct delivery address. Only available for orders with Shipping Addresses in Brazil 1 Choose your shipping address or create a new one 2 Choose the number of installments, hayes brake bleed instructions your card details, CPF number and click Submit 3 Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be sent to your email inbox Paying with QIWI 1 Choose your country where your account is based 2 Enter your Qiwi Wallet Account hayes brake bleed instructions 3 Enter your email address 4 Click Pay with Qiwi, You will be redirected to the Qiwi payment page 5 Enter your account password and click pay 3 speed city bike Your payment will 26 x 3 tire processed 7 You will be directed to your order conformation Paying With WebMoney 1 Choose your shipping address OR create a new one 2 Select WebMoney as your payment method 3 Enter your email address.

You will be redirected to the iDEAL payment page 4 Select your bank and click "Continue" 5 Fill in all the required details and submit the payment 6 You will be redirected to your order confirmation page Supported banks: Paying with Sofortbanking mountain biking helmets full face Select Sofort as the payment method of your order 2 Enter your hayes brake bleed instructions details and click "Submit" 3 Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be sent to your e-mail inbox NOTE: After the transaction has been confirmed, the status of your order will be updated from "Payment preparing" to "Packaging".

This kit includes everything you need to service your brakes. Save some cash and learn how to bleed your brakes.


Great kit, have 1 to bleed my reverb, another to bleed the numerous shimano apperal of SRAM brakes. Works great, no issues. I ordered this product hayes brake bleed instructions bleed my sram guide brakes generation one issues, another story.

bleed hayes instructions brake

I followed the bleed instructions on SRAM's website exactly. Half way through the first bleed session the syringe cracked at the leur-lock the hayes brake bleed instructions portion at the bottom of the syringe. The kit appears very complete and I was hoping to get many uses out of this product.

SRAM products continue to disappoint. Last time SRAM will get my money.

bleed hayes instructions brake

Backcountry has always been awesome with all my sram product issues. Thanks Backcountry!!!

News:Hayes Pro Bleed Kit The Pro kit contains everything you need for a mess free bleed. Includesnbspa larger bleed bottle holds more fluidbetter bleed and includes.

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