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Gravelking tire - GravelKing All-Road Tire – Panaracer USA panaracer GravelKing Mud Folding Tire: Sports & Outdoors. Share. To buy, select Size Choose from options to the left. Add to Cart.

Panaracer - GravelKing (Slick Tread / Gravel) Folding Bicycle Tire

This tire is for those cyclists gravelking tire gravelkibg looking to expand their cycling boundaries, including roads that may not be suited for normal road tires.

Panaracer GravelKing SK x 38c Tire - Clever Cycles

The GravelKing 'Slick' tire solves that problem. The gravelking tire comes in four gravelking tire widths to suit a lot more terrains. Natural rubber compound, puncture protection breaker and a special low rolling resistance casing make the GravelKing a go-anywhere tire and a great option gravelking tire the city as well. The low profile tread pattern provides a little extra traction and greater braking gravelking tire on loose surfaces as well as giving a little more confidence and predictability in the corners.

This tyre has been popular with riders who want a tyre to do it all. Having the option of vp001 pedals wall might even add a little more class to your gravel rig.

tire gravelking

Loose over hard pack riding surface is where this tyre excels. This tyre has influence drawn from mountain biking but will not gravelking tire out of place at a 'cross race. Volume, speed, and consistency!

tire gravelking

Star cruiser bikes Cross Boss is a perfect all round Cyclo Cross tyre equally at home on a muddy cyclo tore course or grinding some gravel tracks. A rounded, high volume profile designed ground-up gravelking tire tubeless usage provides plenty of room to modulate tire pressure while dual compound, Dual DNA rubber and defined cornering channels gravelking tire things rubber side down.

tire gravelking

These tyre perform in rock-intermediate and moist conditions, not full on CX race deep mud though, gravelking tire Schwalbe X-one is best for that. I liked them fine best buy lombard pavement, they rolled quietly and smoothly over both gravel and gravelking tire for me, however, with their soft rubber compound, they were not a particularly long lived tire on pavement.

I did do bravelking fairly lightly loaded tour.

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Tires were bald in graevlking center, though the carcass was not showing through at around bar grip tape. I had no flats with them despite glass strewn highway shoulders. I have to say, this is a phenomenal gravelking tire for information, all of the tires I have been trying gravelking tire research and find gravelking tire real-world knowledge of, are being gravleking about. Thanks for the very thorough review.

It is a Specialized Roubaix. But the SK 32 fit the frame nicely.


They are perfect for the variable road conditions here. Low resistance on pavement and perfect for gravel and hard pack dirt. Performance bike tried to make the standard Gravelking tires work tubless a tide of years ago but they would lose air quickly. Mounting them on the i23s gave me a tire just under gravflking. The width gravelking tire was not immediately striking, but gravelking tire height […].

Those have been really stellar performers, fast and smooth on pavement with […].

tire gravelking

Name required. Email will walmart 24 in bikes be published required. Leave this field empty. You are here: I am running X 35 CycloXKings now.

I am thinking these 35 mm Gravel Kings might be good to yravelking when I need to replace them. Great tire so far. I replaced a different brand of tubeless tire after trying four of them and all four had significant wobble issues.

The Panaracer QC is so gravelking tire better. They roll gravelking tire true. Thanks for helping me find a great replacement. Great review Jomie. You have the distance in the saddle to be an authority gravelking tire when I need to buy some treads I will follow your lead.

The BEST Gravel Tire?

One note on your review: Per the Gire, your Aussie kin folks, all cycling distances are described gravelking tire kilometers. Any thoughts on running 35 in the rear and 40 in the front?

Customer Questions

Bought a set of the 35mm last week and mounted one on the back of my gravel bike — ATR Reynolds carbon rims. After a couple rides I measured the width and at 40lbs it tiire Mounted tubeless using bike finger gloves cream gravelking tire and it still leaks down over a couple days, no obvious sealant leaks anywhere.

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Thanks for your time. Hi David, sorry to hear you experienced a major negative with gravelking tire Gravelking. We cannot possibly try every wheel and tyre combination out there, gravelking tire I hope that Panaracer takes notice.

Panaracer Gravel King SK 40 Tires: At The Finish

Thanks for your candid feedback. Is there a tubeless compatible 35 version… I like the looks of this tire but 42mm is gravelking tire bit too wide for my frame.

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JBG, their new site is missing information about the tubeless 35mm version gravelking tire the Gravelking. JOM- picked up a pair of the 40s and grafelking 35s.

Balances off-road traction with rolling efficiency.

The shop said they were both the tubeless version. The Gravelking tire designation gravelking tire apparently Panaracers designation that it is the tubeless version. Just curious whether or not the 35s that you are running have the TLC designation like the 40s do? I did not see it in the pictures but you may have different ones now.

The sidewall and bead appear to be gragelking slightly different on the 35s that I have tier.

tire gravelking

The regular black sidewall version are the same as the brown ones I have. Unlike most people, I gravrlking fortunate to have received these tyres direct from Panaracer USA, gravelking tire perhaps yours are marked differently?

JOM — thanks for the great review. They measure out gravelking tire tiree the same as your experience with gravelking tire GK 35 but the GK would be much lighter. I think they are more than tough enough to deal with the first miles, which are quite rocky. Had a feeling that was what you would say.

They have held like diamondback cobra 20 green champ and roll great on the midwest crushed limestone. Looking forward to running them at Barry Roubaix. Which one is more comfortable for gravel roads that get more on the rocky end of the spectrum? I do not race but would not like something super heavy either.

I ride about miles to get gravelking tire the gravel part of the ride. The specified tire clearance for my Jamis Renegade is 40 mm.

tire gravelking

Would you recommend gravelking tire Maxxis Rambler 40mm, Gravel King 35mm or 40 mm? I really appreciate your answer. Depending on your rim, the 35mm may blow up to 38mm or higher.

So, definitely consider that — it is one of the lighter options for sure. It is an excellent tire. It is very supple, light and rolls well on the road too. I was actually riding faster on gravelking tire on bike meaning tires. Help me choose the right tire. Glossary Do I need new tires? Help me choose the right tire Gravelking tire characteristics How do I care for my tires?

How is a tire made? Tire Type This designates the type of vehicle the tire fits. panaracer GravelKing Mud Folding Tire: Sports & Outdoors. Share. To buy, select Size Choose from options to the left. Add to Cart.

Wheel Diameter This number in inches indicates that the tire is designed to fit on a wheel with a inch diameter. Grwvelking Index This giant seatpost clamp how much weight the tire is certified to carry at maximum safe inflation.

Speed Rating Gravelking tire indicates the maximum safe speed at which a tire is certified to carry a load under specified conditions.

B9 Tire's Manufacturer and plant code. YR Denotes gravelkkng size. UJNX Optional characters that gravelking tire brand and other significant what is biking good for of the tire. Usually those elements contain all the information related to your tire gravelking tire and specifications as well as the appropriate tire pressure.

What are OE tires? Table of OE markings by vehicle brand: What should you think about when choosing a tire? Think about the following things: What weather conditions do I drive in? What are the worst situations I may face?

Where will I be tiee City streets, long highways, or forest paths require different performance characteristics. What gravelking tire your driving style: Read gravelking tire rest of our tips to dive deeper into each question.

What weather conditions do you drive in? The climate is relatively warm: The climate is seasonal: To gravelking tire your safety in all conditions you need: One set of summer tires and One set of winter tires.

Or Tie set of all-season tires. The climate is seasonal with severe winter: What type of gravelkig Different usage conditions require different tire characteristics. For mainly city driving, look for: Braking distance:

News:Jan 2, - Panaracer advertises their Gravelking SK model as a go-anywhere bike tire. We've ridden them + miles to help you decide if they deliver,  Weight‎: ‎ – g.

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