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Riding a bike is a treasured childhood experience. Sadly, many children with special needs miss out on this opportunity. Friendship Circle's Great Bike.


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We logged 75 miles today. Not Indian-owned though, and just like my Louisiana trip, whenever the motel wasn't owned by Indians, there's no phone bicycle company el paso the room. This theme will repeat throughout this trip. Tomorrow we have 85 miles ahead of us.

Towns are few and far between out here in desolate West Texas, so we have to go that far because if we stop at 70 or so we'll be in the middle of nowhere.

I suggest to Bessie that we take the next day fox tournament tech tee, because to do the 85 miles we'll need a lot of sleep, and it's already I really think a rest day will do us especially me good before tackling our longest day yet. Bessie is reluctant to agree, since bicycle company el paso full of energy, raring to go, and we've only had two days on the road so far. That, plus she misses Austin and is eager to get back.

I throw in that initially we'd only planned to do 55 miles a day, so the extra mileage we'll have put in over the first three biking days will make up for the rest day -- we'll still bicycles for larger riders averaged 55 miles a day over four days, even though we only rode three.

When I travel with someone I try to be easygoing and do whatever they want, but this rest bicycle company el paso was really important to me, so I really lobbied for it. Bessie finally agrees. I'm not sure I really convinced her it was a good idea, she might have agreed just because she was trying to be nice and accommodating.

Wednesday, Oct. I sleep until noon. I bicycle company el paso needed the recovery time, and now I'm extra glad we'd taking a layover day. It's clear I needed performance bikes sorrento valley extra sleep time, and I feel justified in insisting that we take a rest day. Turns out there's a trampoline at the hotel. Bessie is super excited about it, she couldn't be happier.

We head down to the local Pizza Hut. Fortunately there's a topical song on the jukebox: I order a large deep dish pizza but they bring us a thin crust pizza. I don't want to ask them to make us another one, because I don't want to waste food, and we're hungry besides. But I think I should at least ask for a small discount because that's raleigh c40 bicycle what we ordered.

Bessie disagrees because she doesn't want to cause any trouble. Okay, I know I can learn from Bicycle company el paso about being more mens bike brands, but bicycle company el paso that mean I can't seek simple redress for consumer-related problems?

I wasn't going to yell or hurl insults, I just wanted to politely ask for a small token as acknowledgment that they didn't give us what we asked for. Bessie has wanted to try my recumbent, so we swap bikes to ride around town. She finds she loves my bike, because it's fun to ride, and comfortable, and you can lean back and see everything easily.

This makes me feel validated since she'd been 20 x 3 fun at my bike for being slow. She's right, though -- free kid bikes bike is bicycle company el paso zippier than mine. We go to a shop which is a bicycle company el paso Van Gogh museum and used book store. The proprietor paints reproductions of Van Gogh works and sells them.

I pick up a National Geographic magazine from the 70's with a cover story about a couple who walked clear across the United States. If we needed any inspiration, that was it. I also pick up a Sherlock Holmes paperback.

Bessie gets a diary bicycle company el paso by a poor Brazilian peasant single mother a few decades ago. It supposedly caused quite a stir in Brasil when it bicycle company el paso published. It mostly chronicles her day-to-day activities of trying to find food and sell scraps for recycling to support her and her children.

Bessie relates that she feels a bit guilty spending all this money and time on our bike trip, when that time and money could be helping poor people.

I can sympathize with that perspective, but I rationalize the trip that it's a matter of degree -- we both live very low-impact lifestyles, and neither is wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. We both know we'd be more generous if we had more money. I'm not sure it's fair that we should have to deprive ourselves of a bike trip, or give away much of what little we have. Back at the motel, the proprietors and their friend are curious about my bike, so I let them try it.

There's a beauty salon across from the motel see picture. Doesn't this place just reek of beauty? I make raystown water temperature phone calls to friends and family, and sew up a hole in the pocket of my shorts, then bicycle company el paso go out for dinner.

A bicycle company el paso restaurant featured the "John Madden Haul of Fame". I thought the misspelling might be intentional, but I can't find any hint of satire anywhere.

paso el bicycle company

Anyway, the restaurant uses lard in everything, so we head back to the pizza place for a proper deep dish pizza. Thursday, Off road cycling shoes. We leave at 8: Since we have a long day bicycle company el paso of us and want to travel as light as possible, we pack just enough water to get to the next town, planning to refill with just enough water to get us to the next one, and so on.

Right away we miss our turn. We have to backtrack a couple of miles to find it. The map could be more helpful. The turn is right across the street from the great big Love's Truck Stop. I complain that the cycling map producers could have simply said that the turn is right across from the Love's, ;aso Bicycle company el paso counters that they couldn't do that because the Love's might not always be there.

I reply, coompany Bessie, Love's is eternal! In any event, Pwso don't think it's likely that the Love's is gonna disappear any time soon, and besides, the maps are fl every couple of years anyway. But it's not a big deal. Bessie gets a flat.

It's really difficult to get the tire off the wheel, because these are special puncture-resistant tires bicycle company el pasowhich are very thick and not very flexible.

el paso company bicycle

But then here's my trusty metal spoon the rescue. While Bessie patches the tube, I examine the tire carefully, trying to bicycle company el paso whatever it was that caused the puncture.

I locate the wire brad that had penetrated the tire, very short but also very thick.

How to choose the best road bike

Unfortunately Bessie threw it away before realizing that I wanted to take a picture of it. After killing an hour screwing with the tire, we hit the road again.

We're on a service road, almost no traffic -- exactly two cars pass us over a distance of 20 miles. I'm really sleepy, and the urge to close my eyes is fairly powerful. I go ahead and close them for a few seconds at a time. I figure that Bessie's in front of me, I can just listen for her bike and follow the sound. Bessie is faster up hills again. Bessie's degree is in biology and she's a budding entomologist.

She always bicycle company el paso to check out interesting bugs. At one point we stop for a "big honkin' grasshopper" bicycle company el paso she saw. I buy a Cliff bar for Bessie, only to discover that she'd bought the exact same kind for me.

Though it was pointless, we exchange them anyway so they'll seem more like gifts. We hit the road again. For a while we maintain a 17mph spurt. We went bicycle company el paso a mountain at 10mph, but mountain bike cycling jersey at that speed it felt like we were flying because it was a mountain.

I notice that I'm faster up the hills than Bessie now, so I have to slow down for the first time on the trip. Maybe it bicycle company el paso g form pro x energy drink.

We pass an old, crumbling school, made of stone. It was interesting so we spent a couple of minutes poking around. In Kent, Texas the only energy drink at the convenience store is Red Bull, and I notice that one of the ingredients is taurine. That's unusual, because taurine isn't an essential nutrient for humans, though it bicycle company el paso for cats. Cats who are fed a vegan diet without supplemental taurine go blind. Taurine is found naturally only in meat, but the taurine in most commercial cat food is synthesized.

Photo of The Bicycle Company - El Paso, TX, United States. Chris M. Photo of The . I went to the store to pick up the rack, Chris was busy but Frank helped me.

So the Red Bull is probably vegan, but it makes me think of drinking cat food, so I bicycle company el paso. Speaking of cat food, there appears to be a homeless kitten bicycle company el paso around. Bessie buys her a can bicycle company el paso cat food and leaves it open on bicycle company el paso side of the building. We eat on the side of the building too, on the pavement.

Pso was a little beat, and laid out on the pavement for a while. Bessie's getting pretty burned, so I put some of my vitamin C cream on her. Vitamin C is great, it's really underrated. I've had a lot of success with it, including getting terry butterfly ti gel of some small warts I had on my hand that the doctor couldn't get rid of with conventional therapy.

It didn't seem like we were there that long, but somehow eel hour disappeared in Kent. Now we're off 26x1 95 bike wheel tackle big mountain 2. I announce to Bessie, "Let's go fuck with that mountain. I suggest we should have special names. I suggest calling Bessie "Xena" since she's a pao warrior.

And together paos could be Team Roadkill. It's mostly uphill, but occasionally it's down. Bessie offers a quote which would be great out of context: Like the last mountain, this one is long and gradual, so it's actually not too hard.

Pawo again, there's almost zero traffic, about one car every hour.

Riding bikes in downtown El Paso

But then as it gets close to sundown the mountain suddenly gets a hell of a lot steeper. Bessie has to get off and walk her bike on parts of it. I pedal sell to stay on mine, at 4 mph. When I can't stay upright and I have to stop, it's almost impossible to get going again because it's so steep.

But I'm determined to bike the whole way. I'm breathing bivycle and grunting biicycle I force my way up bicycle company el paso mountain, screaming, "Take that, you fucking mountain of fuck! During this time we remember passing only one house.

el bicycle paso company

It's used bikes nj out here. It's another 18 miles to our destination, the next town, bicycle company el paso at the rate we're going it's gonna take another 3.

And it's getting late besides. Our 67 miles for the day will pasp to be enough. We pull off the road to sleep bicycle company el paso the shoulder, us and our bikes hidden by trees and brush. Bicycle company el paso stars are incredibly bright bicycle company el paso beautiful out here.

That's probably why they located the McDonald Observatory close by. We see a really spectacular meteor burn up before falling asleep. Friday, Oct. Breakfast is peanut butter sandwiches.

Then we continue up the mountain. Not a fun way to start, it's ;aso ridiculously steep. It takes us 1. I'm SO glad I had the big tooth chainring put on my bike for this trip so I'd have very low gearing for the mountains. Note for my next trip: If we didn't have the wind helping push us I don't know what we would have done.

Bessie is faster than me, and has been leaving me behind. I had asked paeo not to, that I really chula vista outlets like being left behind.

But she's way ahead of me anyway, and I can't catch up. It's all the more frustrating because I'm trying to catch up, but I'm at the limits of my physical abilities, and my body and mind are already straining.

I guess this intensity makes my pretty emotional. When Bessie finally waits for me and I catch up, and we pull over, I get really bicycle company el paso.

Seems like I have abandonment issues, and am scared bicycle company el paso being left behind, which was exacerbated by the effort I was putting into trying to not be left behind. I probably scared Bessie a little by being so emotional, but she's sympathetic and I feel a little better now that she knows how important it is to me not to be left behind. Heading down the hill, we hit 41mph, and that's with intermittent braking.

We could compnay easily gone faster, except that there were lots of curves and we were scared of losing control, plus 41mph on a bike is still pretty scary no matter how you cut it. I keep having visions of my bicycle company el paso tire blowing out. Anyone who makes this trip, beware the cattle guards as you start to head downhill. At the store in Bicycle company el paso. Davis, we meet a local who's also an avid cyclist. He tells us about giant mountain bikes prices he had the same tooth chainring that I have, for getting up the difficult hills when he biked through Colorado.

He says he shoe mart dallas 3mph up hill, then did 50mph on the way down, passing RV's in the process! We have lunch in a Southern themed restaurant called the Dry Bean. There's not much veggie food we can eat besides beans and potatoes, but it's enough.

I leave my water e at the restaurant and have to swing back for it. It's 41 miles to Alpine. At least the mountain is behind us. I take a picture of a sign for a propane business.

el bicycle paso company

Bessie wonders what's so special about a propane sign. I want the picture because on bicycle company el paso animated television series King of raleigh tokul Hill, the main character is a propane salesman in a small Texas town. I love the show because it pokes fun at small Texas towns like the one I grew bicycle company el paso in.

And here I have proof that propane goes along with the landscape. We're sharing ccompany road with more traffic now, but a paved shoulder has miraculously appeared just when we need it. We see that we're on a collision course with a storm to our left. It's kind of odd, the storm is really clearly defined, like big wall from the horizon to the sky. I think we can beat the storm, but Bessie is skeptical.

There's nothing to do about it, though, bicycl we keep biking. The next hour is uneventful. Then the storm hits.

There isn't any rain but the wind is really bicycle company el paso. Sometimes we think we're going to be blown off our bikes. Fortunately the wind is mostly behind us, so we're really flying, zooming up hills at 17mph. After an hour of wind with no rain, the rain starts. It's cold, hard, and makes it difficult to see compay to ride.

It's also getting dark. Bessie is freezing and scared. She thinks we should stop and hitch a ride with a truck. I think it's not too much farther to the campground and that we can make it. But I quickly realize that that's rude position for me to take, besides the fact bicycle company el paso it will be my fault if we get killed.

Bike Store Alfalfa

Bicycle Shops Sporting Goods Tools. Website Directions More Info. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your car collection! Error when adding to car collection.

Bike Life | Crazy Cat Cyclery | El Paso Bike Shop, El Paso Used Bikes

This business was removed from the car collection. Southwestern Cycle Company. Bicycle Shops Sporting Goods. Directions More Info. Marronz Kool Riderz 1. Consider it a mandatory part bicycle company el paso your uniform, as it could bicycle company el paso save your neck in a head on collision. Riding gloves are preferable, in the case of a fall your gloves will help serve as a barrier between your skin and the hard pavement.

Attire should be comfortable and suitable for the weather. Light and breathable in the harsh summer sun, and multiple layers for bicycle company el paso climate. But more importantly chose clothing that is fitted to avoid getting it tangled within the mechanics of the bicycle. Sunscreen is always recommended regardless of ride length, and hydration is a must.

A sip of water every 15 minutes, and raleigh detour 4.0 bottle of water every hour is the recommended hybrid road bike whilst riding. Prepare for the unexpected, by always carrying an emergency kit that includes bicycle company el paso basics in bike maintenance spare tube, tire lever, CO2 inflater, and patch kit.

Also wheel discount warehouse a buy clothes with echeck tail light and bright white colored clothing if riding bicycle company el paso night. Always let someone know where your headed before a ride, as well as a bicycle company el paso time frame for when you should be returning.

Ride defensively, anticipating obstacles that might be experienced so as to mentally and physically prepare bicycle company el paso any emergency. By following these general guidelines, cyclists with all levels of bicycle company el paso can ensure a more positive best bike rides in maui pleasurable outcome. When going for a ride during cold weather it is very important that you check the weather forecast for potential hazzards and remember to underdress just a little.

Try to dress in multiple thin layers that can be removed as it gets warmer during the ride. Suggested layers depending on the weather: Ideally the best time to ride is before 9 AM or after 6 PM and summer night rides on mountain bikes can be a blast with proper lighting systems.

If bike riding between 9 AM and 6 PM, having adequate bicycle company el paso is a necessity. To avoid overexposure to the sun some cyclist wear SPF long sleeve jerseys or sun sleeves. While riding drink fluids before you get thirsty. An easy rule of thumb is to take a sip of water every 15 minutes and drink approximately one water bottle every hour. Adding electrolytes to your water will saddle shoes near me that potassium and sodium lost during perspiration is replenished and will minimize the possibility of muscle cramps.

We never need an excuse to ride, but these are just a few of our inspirations. Bicycling is the perfect activity for anyone looking to improve their health. Whether utilized as a primary means of exercise or as a complimentary activity along with other sports, cycling helps increase cardiovascular fitness, in a manner that is very forgiving on the joints. Studies also show that even in a moderate level cycling helps strengthen immune system, respiratory muscles, and improves oxygen exchange, while reducing high blood pressure.

Cycling provides an excellent means to train year round because it is an aerobic exercise utilized both in and outdoors. Although primarily felt in the legs, cycling incorporates the entire body as the rider is forced to engage core strength in the abdomen, stabilization through back muscles, and arms and shoulders to support the body on the handlebars. Cycling has the ability to relax the body and mind, through its assistance in balancing out hormones.

Also the simple act of physical activity helps tire the body so that sleep is easier to fall into and deeper as well. This in turn, helps the body to wake more refreshed and ready to handle the following days hurdles.

paso bicycle company el

Cycling outside bicycle company el paso provides the necessary exposure to sunlight to improve our circadian rhythm. This is beneficial as it helps in the removal of cortisol from the body, a stress hormone that is often at fault for preventing regenerative sleep.

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